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Spring has taken over

Swans enjoying the warm spring weather once the frozen lake surface melted and left behind even some winter props (a bench used by the ice skaters).

Autumn Stream

Beskydy mountains, Czech Republic River Lomna, near village Trojanovice

Spring in Beskydy Mountains

Shot shortly after the fast and unpredicted spring rainfall.This year's delayed spring was further delayed in the higher altitude.The building is typical representative of the mountain architecture of that region.

Sunrise in a park

Park Bozeny Nemcove, Karvina, Czech Republic

{a study of pollen generators} #2

Second image in the series, see my first "Know your enemy {a study of pollen generators}" http://500px.com/photo/74116153/know-your-enemy-%7Ba-study-of-pollen-generators%7D-by-daniel-zaleski?from=user_library

Shopping #1

Tilt-shift joy in a store

Childish Joy

My younger daughter enjoying a nice summer weather, this time jumping over the puddle shortly after the rainfall. Life is beautiful :-)


Candid shot of my two daughters as it happened one autumn day when we went out to enjoy kite flying.


I cleaned and set up my turntable today, part of my end of the year homeworks. To reward myself, I listened to the first Traveling Wilbury's LP as I finished. I love it!

Advent Candlestick 2012

Advent Candlestick 2012

Last Year Memmory - Looking Forward to Christmas

A background for the last years seasonal wishes. We had magnificent christmas tree. I am about to buy this year's tree tomorrow - what it will be like, how it will look??? Anyway, the children will be happy and already look forward to decorate it.

Au revoir!



Homelsss lady enjoying her siesta on a warm sunny spring day. She found very comfortable place for her rest on a wall of the butterfly house in the Burggarten.

On a Ferry

Travelling on a ferry from Rostock to Gedser in a sunset time


Via Dolorosa

A HDR by accident. I drag-and-dropped 5 photos to HDR creation program instead to the panorama programe. Slightly tuned colour and contrast.


A piece of modern art (the dead tree stump in the centre). Located at that time in Theseustempel, Wien.

Flowers Waiting

Aga + Martin Wedding

Restaurant lights

Candle holders in my late favourite restaurant

Autumn Flashback

My daughter enjoying warm late autumn two years back.

Green Flames

Young plants during the sunset


GoKart tournament during our company's sporting day.


Cherry tree blossoms. Celebrating the beauty of God's creation in this magical part of the year - spring - when the nature wakes up to bring a new life once again.


Arcades in the Czech city of Telc

The Diary of One Who Disappeared

A tribute to great Czech composer Leoš Janáček.

In the mist

Forest in the clouds